We're a one-stop solution provider

Our approach is based both on implementing best practice and setting new standards within our industry. We work to combine our client’s intimate knowledge of their business with our own expertise, objectivity and ability to think outside the square.

We give you an objective perspective and can facilitate your security division

Proton Security Directors have over 25 years experience, consulting to, managing and advising some of Australia’s high net worth families and prominent multinational companies. Each new client presents us with a new dynamic and a niche, specialised security requirement. Proton Security leverages off its knowledge and experience to tailor systems which provide turn-key solutions for new clients.


We offer our experience and objective perspective to manage your Security project

With decades of experience working with high end clients and expert suppliers, Proton Security has developed a robust network within the industry. Each of our clients is as unique as their security requirements, something we acknowledge through our tailored approach and customised system integration. Common to each and every project however is the balanced and objective mindset that defines our measured and consistent approach.


We continually develop and refine our expertise to supplement your operations with specialised security services – from asset protection to detection dog services

Our detection dog service, which currently operates full time in Sydney’s CBD, is a perfect example of the niche services that we are able to offer our clients. Establishing the detection dog service meant developing and refining our knowledge base and skills on diverse topics uncommon in the mainstream security industry, such as canine anatomy and health, canine related laws, codes of practice, licensing, animal psychology and canine training. By combining these skills with our existing knowledge and experience of Improvised Explosive Device Recognition and Bomb Threat Response, we have been able to develop a capability in line with local and international best practice. We have developed a leading edge working and training program which closely follows these standards.

The deployment of these services requires us to recruit, train and obtain certification for our dog handlers and provide them with ongoing training and support.


With Proton Security on your side, you can be assured that your security division is trained and compliant with current industry regulations

The security industry has strict requirements for compliance and training, from officer licensing and first aid courses to Master licences and operating procedures. Proton Security reviews, audits and manages all necessary industry training and licensing for clients. This service can be tailored from an annual review for smaller operations, or through monthly audits and management for larger operations.